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Musical Performance by JT Harker

“Country-Soul-Rock-n-Roll… that’s what I call it,” says JT Harker when asked what kind of music he makes. “I’m just trying to stay true to myself, and write music that makes me feel good. That’s all I can do… everything else is out of my hands.”

Raised on a horse ranch in the hills of San Jose, California, Harker certainly grew up with an understanding of the country life-style. However, when it came to music, his sensibilities stretched far beyond the confines of the country music of his youth. “My dad’s cassette and CD collection is what started my love of  music… I remember he had a four-cassette collection of The Beach Boys… those were the first albums I ever listened to. I couldn’t get enough of them. After that, it was Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Beatles… whatever I could find in my parents’ collection, I would listen to.”

As a kid, the “genres” of the music JT(born Jonathan Thomas Harker) was listening to never occurred to him. Rock-n-Roll, Country, R&B, Blues etc… It didn’t matter, “if I liked it, I listened to it… Sam Cooke… Patsy Cline… CCR… I loved it all, and I like to think it shows in the music I make.”

Singing for southern-California cover-band Southern Caliber, Harker met guitarist/producer Joe Devenney, “Joe and I hit it off right away as friends, and quickly felt that we could do something really special musically. I couldn’t be happier with how this project is turning out.”

The yet untitled EP is slated for a 2015, mid-summer release, and, of course, will feature plenty of the sounds that cultivated this budding artist. “There’s some heavy-driving rock, some 12-bar blues, r&b/soul, even some gospel influence… all wrapped up in a country sound… and I’m very excited for everybody to hear it.”

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