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Summer is a 22 year old, a future aviation student, the vice president of the play on sports organization geared towards young athletes in low income communities, a mental health advocate, and a published author of a children’s anti-bullying short story. She has a passion for travel, exploring other cultures, enjoying the outdoors, and dance. With 21 years in the pageant industry Summer has held numerous titles, most notably Miss Washington teen USA 2018, and Miss Nevada USA 2022. 

With those titles she used her platform and voice to improve the detection, diagnosis, and treatment for the youth struggling with neurodivergencies. She sees the importance of how pageants have shaped her and made not only her but her mother Denise and sister Stormy into being stronger women and encouraging others in finding their purpose. Today she continues to support the pageant community and encourage others to utilize the title 



Austin Ryde has spent the past 8 years traveling the country working with beauty queens, models, and celebrities. Austin’s work can be seen on TV shows such as The Price is Right, VH1’s Hollywood Exes, and Bravo’s Game of Crowns just to name a few. 

When he isn’t busy working as a makeup artist and photographer, Austin loves to travel the world, spend time with his family, and do anything thats an adrenaline rush. Whether it’s climbing Mt Shasta(twice), dirt biking, wake boarding, or backpacking around Europe, Thailand, and South America, he loves an adventure. 

Austin is excited to be launching a lifestyle blog where you can follow his travels, style, and politics at AustinRyde.com, this month.